Vanessa is a graphic designer living in New York City and working at Mother Design.


Made at Mother Design

Design Director: Matt Van Leeuwen
Motion Designer: Yaya Xu


Identity & Packaging
Made at Mother Design
with Jess Yan

In the years leading up to their 20th anniversary, Eyebeam had grown from a space for artistic experimentation to a multidisciplinary nonprofit that pioneers social justice through the intersection of art and technology. Today, Eyebeam facilitates a flagship residency program, boundless educational resources, community engagement, and so much more. However, their old visual identity and brand was limited in its ability to represent and speak to the scope of the organization and the significance of its work. Eyebeam engaged Mother Design to build a new brand that could contain, communicate, and unify the many dimensions of their modern brand while charting a bold vision for their future.

Eyebeam is a conduit; a platform and a container for an infinite number of outcomes and initiatives. This combination of futuristic exploration with connection and humanity was our key inspiration point for an entirely new visual identity system for Eyebeam. Our visual identity is a reflection of these tension points. The technical and the human, predictable and unpredictable, all referencing the collisions of disciplines, perspectives, and issues that Eyebeam explores every day.

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